Turkey Riddles

Here are a number of different turkey riddles for kids.

Most of these are riddles that rhyme, although the final one is a What Am I? riddle.

To use the What Am I one, read out the first line to your kids and get them to guess what they think the answer is.

If they’re not correct, read the second clue to them and have them guess again. Keep going until they either get the correct answer or they run out of clues.

These riddles about turkeys would work well with riddles from many of our other themes:

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Beneath this list is a slideshow of turkey-themed items – costumes, toys, books and more that might make great prizes for Thanksgiving games.

Turkey Riddles For Kids

Turkey Riddles For Kids

It is time for Thanksgiving
I don’t know if you’d heard
Which means it’s time to gobble
This very tasty bird


It sounds just like a country
But we eat it at dinner
If you can work this one out
Then you’re a riddle winner


There’s lots of me at Thanksgiving
But you don’t want me to be wasted
Because my meat’s really juicy
Just so long as I have been basted


What Am I?

I’m sometimes seen when bowling but I’m not a ball
I’m something that gets roasted but I’m not coffee
I’m a food that sounds like I’m named after a country but I’m not Chile
I can be made into bacon but I’m not a pig
I’m eaten at Thanksgiving but I’m not candied yams


Turkey Prizes

As mentioned above, here are all kinds of items that make great prizes for Thanksgiving games: