Snake Riddles

We’re continuing with our series of riddles with an animal theme today with seven that all have ‘snake’ as their answer.

The first six of them rhyme, while the seventh is a What Am I? riddle. To use the last idea, read the first line to your children and have them guess the answer.

If they’re not right, read them the clue on the second line and have them guess again.

Keep doing this until they’ve worked out that snake is the answer or they run out of clues.

7 Snake Riddles For Kids

Snake Riddles For Kids

Some types slither on the ground
And some can live up in the trees
Adders, vipers and cobras
What kind of animals are these?


This is sometimes called a serpent
And its skin has a lot of scales
It can have a venomous bite
And some have rattles in their tails


In Harry Potter this animal
Represents the house of Slytherin
In The Jungle Book there’s one called Kaa
They have a forked tongue and shed their skin


This creature is without legs
And a tongue that has a fork
You might hear parseltongue
If you found one that could talk


In the first book of the Bible
This creature tempted Adam and Eve
To eat fruit that they shouldn’t have
So Eden is where they had to leave


This animal can be quite long
But it doesn’t have a great height
It can have deadly venom though
So beware because it can bite


What am I?

I have no legs but I’m not a broken chair
I have scales but I don’t weigh things
I sometimes have a rattle but I’m not a baby
I’m sometimes an adder but I don’t have a calculator
I scare many people but I’m not a spider
I was in the Garden of Eden but I’m not Adam or Eve