Saturn Riddles

We’re continuing our series of riddles with a space theme today with four that have the answer Saturn.

These ideas can also be used with several of our other riddle themes such as planets and the solar system.

The first three of these are rhyming riddles, while the fourth one asks your children What Am I?

To use that final idea, read the first line to your children and have them guess what they think the answer is.

As it’s something that’s full of gas but which isn’t a car, they might guess that it’s a helium balloon, the atmosphere or someone who’s just eaten a lot of spicy food!

If they don’t guess that it’s Saturn, read them the clue on the second line and have them guess again. Keep doing this until they guess that the answer is Saturn or they run out of clues.

Saturn Riddles For Kids

Saturn Riddles For Kids

This is the second largest planet
And has over 50 moons in its orbit
The reason it’s recognizable
Is because of all the rings surrounding it


When looking at all of the planets
This is the second largest one
It has rings made of ice, dust and rocks
And is the sixth one from the sun


This is a very large planet
The second largest by mass
It’s surrounded by many rings
And it is made up of gas


What Am I?

I’m full of gas but I’m not a car
I have many rings but I’m not a jewelry store
I’m a Roman god but I’m not Janus
I’m a large planet but I’m not Jupiter