Treasure Map Riddles

If you’re planning any pirate games, activities or birthday parties for your kids, here are some riddles where the answer is ‘Treasure Map’.

You could also use one of these rhyming riddles to start off a treasure hunt, where they have to answer it correctly before they get a copy of the map.

3 Treasure Map Riddles For Kids

Treasure Map Riddles For Kids

When looking for buried gold
This item helps a lot
As on this piece of paper
Is where X marks the spot


To find all those pieces of eight
That were buried without a trace
You’ll need this to direct you
So that you dig in the right place


The directions to what’s hidden
Have been drawn out on this scroll
The X that’s in a certain spot
Is where you should dig a hole

Ship And Boat Riddles

Here are a few riddles for kids where the answer can either be ship or boat.

These are therefore good for using with some of our other riddle themes like pirate, sailing and different modes of transport.

The first two of these rhyme, while the third is a What Am I? riddle. To use the final idea, your kid(s) should read the first line and guess the answer.

If they’re not correct, they should read the second line and guess again. Your children should keep going until they either get the right answer or run out of clues.

3 Ship And Boat Riddles For Kids

Ship And Boat Riddles For Kids

If you want to be a pirate
You will need this without fail
So that you can travel around
You need something you can sail


You will need this type of transport
To be able to leave a port
You can then float upon the water
And cast nets for fish to be caught


What Am I?

I have a deck but no backyard
I have a bow but no arrows
I have a wheel but I’m not a car
I have a beam but I’m not a light
I have a stern but I’m not serious
I have a crow’s nest but there are no birds

Parrot Riddles

Are you planning a pirate themed birthday party for one of your kids or need to organize some activities with a bird theme?

If so, today’s set of riddles could be just what you’re looking for as the answer to each of them is parrot.

The first four are rhyming riddles, with the word ‘parrot’ completing the rhyme of the fourth.

There’s also a bonus fifth riddle that asks What Am I? To use this one, have your child read the first line (or read it to them) and have them guess what they think it is. If they’re incorrect, read the second clue and guess again. Keep going until they either guess the correct answer or they run out of clues.

5 Parrot Riddles For Kids

Parrot Riddles For Kids

This is a certain type of bird
But it is not a hawk
It sits on a pirate’s shoulder
While letting out a squawk


If you ever hear an echo
Another voice that can be heard
Take a look around you because
It might be this colorful bird


It sits on a pirate’s shoulder
And doesn’t ever fly away
The funniest thing about it
Is that it repeats what you say


This is a bird that talks
Did he say that he’s a carrot?
Oh, I must have misheard
He is actually a _ _ _ _ _ _


What Am I?

I’m colorful but I’m not a rainbow
I’m sometimes found on a shoulder but I’m not a bag strap
I have two legs but I’m not an ostrich
I can talk but I’m not a person
I can fly but I’m not an airplane

Treasure Chest Riddles

Here are six riddles for kids where the answer for each of them is ‘treasure chest.’

The first five of them rhyme, with the words ‘treasure chest’ completing the rhyme of the fourth and fifth riddles.

The sixth one asks your children What Am I? To use that idea, read the clue on the first line to your children and ask them to guess the answer.

As the clue is that it holds things but it doesn’t have any hands, they might guess that it’s a plate, duct tape or a coat hanger.

If they don’t guess that a treasure chest is the answer, read them the second clue and ask them to guess again. Keep going until they either guess the correct answer or they run out of clues.

These can be used with all of our other pirate-themed riddles to create fun birthday party games for your children or as part of a pirate scavenger hunt.

6 Treasure Chest Riddles For Kids

Treasure Chest Riddles For Kids

This item contains shiny things
You’ll have to wait to find out what
It’s what you’ll end up digging up
Once you’ve found the X that marks the spot


Its contents are really valuable
So hopefully there are no locks
That you will have to break through
Once you dig up this buried box


You’ll need two people to lift this
Because of its extreme weight
Why is this wooden item heavy?
It’s filled with pieces of eight


If you were to find this buried
It would be a pleasure fest
It’s marked on a map by an X
Which means it’s a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _


Of all the things you might find buried
This item is the best
Because what’s inside will make you rich
It is a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _      _ _ _ _ _


What Am I?

I hold things but I don’t have any hands
I’m often buried but I’m not a coffin
I’m marked on a map but I’m not a road
I usually belong to a pirate but I’m not a parrot
I contain gold but I’m not a leprechaun’s pot

Gold Coins Riddles

Here are some rhyming riddles for kids where the answer is gold coins.

These are therefore good for using with some of our other themes like our money or pirate riddles, especially if you’re planning activities for a kids pirate birthday party.

The coins to the right are also perfect for using as prizes for children who can correctly answer one of these riddles.

3 Gold Coins Riddles For Kids

Gold Coins Riddles For Kids

If you come across a treasure map
What it leads you to might be great
If it’s lots of shiny currency
Also known as pieces of eight


If you’re not sure this money’s real
To test them you just might
Put them between your teeth
And try to take a bite


If you follow a treasure map
At the end of a successful quest
You might hope to find this inside
Of the buried treasure chest