Parrot Riddles

Are you planning a pirate themed birthday party for one of your kids or need to organize some activities with a bird theme?

If so, today’s set of riddles could be just what you’re looking for as the answer to each of them is parrot.

The first four are rhyming riddles, with the word ‘parrot’ completing the rhyme of the fourth.

There’s also a bonus fifth riddle that asks What Am I? To use this one, have your child read the first line (or read it to them) and have them guess what they think it is. If they’re incorrect, read the second clue and guess again. Keep going until they either guess the correct answer or they run out of clues.

5 Parrot Riddles For Kids

Parrot Riddles For Kids

This is a certain type of bird
But it is not a hawk
It sits on a pirate’s shoulder
While letting out a squawk


If you ever hear an echo
Another voice that can be heard
Take a look around you because
It might be this colorful bird


It sits on a pirate’s shoulder
And doesn’t ever fly away
The funniest thing about it
Is that it repeats what you say


This is a bird that talks
Did he say that he’s a carrot?
Oh, I must have misheard
He is actually a _ _ _ _ _ _


What Am I?

I’m colorful but I’m not a rainbow
I’m sometimes found on a shoulder but I’m not a bag strap
I have two legs but I’m not an ostrich
I can talk but I’m not a person
I can fly but I’m not an airplane