Lighthouse Riddles

Today we have some riddles for kids where the answer is ‘Lighthouse’.

These are therefore great for using with all of our other sailing riddles, or if you’re wanting your children to answer clues about different types of buildings.

The first two of these rhyme, while the third idea is a What Am I riddle?

To use the final option, your child should read the first line and guess what they think the answer is. If they’re incorrect, they should read the second line and guess again. They should keep going until they either get the right answer or they run out of clues.

3 Lighthouse Riddles For Kids

Lighthouse Riddles For Kids

We need to warn sailors
That there are rocks close by
So we build this building
That shines out from up high


I am a type of building
And from the top I shine
I warn sailors about rocks
So that ships will be fine


What Am I?

I’m tall but I’m not a basketball player
I’m thin but I’m not a flagpole
I shine but I’m not the sun
I help sailors but I’m not an anchor
I’m a building but I’m not a skyscraper