Island Riddles

Our series of riddles for kids with a geography theme continues today with six that have island as their answer.

The first five of these are rhyming riddles, with the last one asking your children What Am I?

To use that sixth idea, read the first line to your children and have them guess the answer. As it’s something surrounded by water, they might guess that it’s a castle with a moat, a boat or a floating candle.

If they don’t guess that the answer is an island, read them the second clue and have them guess again. Keep going until they either guess correctly or they run out of clues.

6 Island Riddles For Kids

Island Riddles For Kids

I am a certain type of land mass
With water surrounding me
You might come to me for vacation
An example’s Hawaii


There is one of these called Easter
With statues of faces made of stone
If you were on a desert one
You’re probably shipwrecked and alone


You might get to one by airplane
Or you might prefer to go by boat
As it’s surrounded by water
But it’s not a castle with a moat


Sicily is one of these
As is Madagascar
New Zealand is also one
And so is Jamaica


There is one called Madagascar
But it isn’t a movie
And if you want a good hot dog
Go to the one called Coney


What Am I?

I’m surrounded by water but I’m not a fish
I’m often found in an ocean but I’m not a whale
I have beaches but I’m not California
I can be a desert but I’m not the Sahara