Ice Cream Riddles

Here are seven riddles for kids where the answer is ice cream. These ideas are therefore perfect for using with all of our other dairy and food riddles.

The first six of these riddles rhyme, while the seventh is a What Am I riddle.

To use that final riddle, read the first line of it to your kids and ask them to try guessing what they think it is that’s being described. As the clue is that it’s something that’s frozen but which doesn’t need a blanket, they might guess that it’s a snowman, a pizza or an ice cube.

If they don’t guess that ice cream is the answer, read the second clue to your children and have them take another guess. Keep going until they either realize that the answer is ice cream or they run out of clues.

7 Ice Cream Riddles For Kids

Ice Cream Riddles For Kids

In a bowl you use a spoon
On a cone you give a lick
This frozen dairy dessert
Many flavors you can pick


I am something you can eat
But I’m not a bowl of soup
I am a frozen dessert
You can get out with a scoop


I am something that’s frozen
But which you would choose to lick
I’m sometimes sold from a truck
Which when moving plays music


This thing might taste of chocolate
Or maybe strawberries
It is a dairy dessert
Made by Ben and Jerry’s


I am found in a freezer
Rather than a chiller
I come in many flavors
Including vanilla


This can come as a sandwich
And it can sometimes come in bars
It’s also sold in cartons
By companies like Haagen Dazs


What Am I?

I’m frozen but I don’t need a blanket
I come in different flavors but I’m not a pizza
I can be licked but I’m not an envelope
I sometimes come as a bar but I’m not soap
I sometimes have a cone but I’m not a dog