Harry Potter Riddles

Here are 13 rhyming riddles for kids all about Harry Potter. They include riddles about characters from the bestselling series of books, as well as other places, items and activities.

These are therefore also great for using with our other book and magic riddles.

13 Harry Potter Riddles For Kids

Harry Potter Riddles For Kids

Harry Potter

He’s the star of a book series
Who saw King’s Cross when he was dead
He is a famous Gryffindor
There’s a lightning scar on his head



As the Harry Potter books went on
Ron Weasley and I got closer
I correct the pronunciation
When people say Leviosa


Ron Weasley

I was in the Harry Potter books
From the beginning to the end
I have five brothers and a sister
And I have been Harry’s best friend


Lord Voldemort

All the trouble Harry Potter had
On this person it can be blamed
He once went by the name Tom Riddle
And now He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named



This place has many rooms
Including the Great Hall
In 1994
It hosted the Yule Ball



This is a type of high-flying game
You win if you catch the golden snitch
Players ride around on their broomsticks
Which means that the answer is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Sorting Hat

When you arrive at Hogwarts
On to your head this is placed
It will then tell you out loud
In which house you will be based



In the Harry Potter series
His patronus was a phoenix
He was the Hogwarts headmaster
Up to and including book six



Witches and wizards need this
So they can cast spells as they please
It’s normally made of wood
And there’s an Elder one of these



This place in the Harry Potter books
Isn’t where you’d want to appear
As it is guarded by Dementors
Sirius Black escaped from here



He was the Hogwarts gamekeeper
Then became one of the teachers
He’s half-human and half-giant
And he loves dangerous creatures


Severus Snape

He disliked Harry Potter
When he walked through the Hogwarts door
He wants students to turn to
Page three hundred and ninety-four


Sirius Black

He was once a prisoner
Into Azkaban he was put
He was Harry’s godfather
And he sometimes went by Padfoot