Doll Riddles

We’ve been publishing quite a few riddles recently that are toys or games. We’re continuing that theme today with a set that all have ‘doll’ as their answer.

The first three of these riddles for kids rhyme, while the fourth asks them “What Am I?”

To use the final idea, read the first line of it to your kids and see if they can work out that it’s a doll that’s being described.

If not, read them the second line and have them guess again. Keep going until they either guess correctly or they run out of clues.

4 Doll Riddles For Kids

Doll Riddles For Kids

I look just like a small mannequin
I’m made of plastic and have hair
I come with clothes and accessories
So you can choose what I should wear


I’m sometimes a girl
I’m sometimes a boy
You can play with me
As I am a toy


I am a type of toy
But what kind could I be?
Bratz are one type of brand
Another is Barbie


What Am I?

I have hair but I’m not a wig
I’m made of plastic but I’m not a comb
I have legs but I’m not a chair
You can dress me but I’m not a dog
I’m a toy but I’m not a board game