Dog Riddles

We’re continuing with our series of animal riddles today with five where ‘dog’ is the answer.

The first four are rhyming riddles for kids, while the fifth asks them What Am I?

To use the final riddle, read your children its first line and ask them to guess what’s being described.

If they’re not right, read them the next line and ask them to guess again. Keep doing this until they guess the answer correctly or they run out of clues.

5 Dog Riddles For Kids

Dog Riddles For Kids

I’m a pet that has four legs
And a tail at the end
You might hear me barking
And I’m known as man’s best friend


One of my favorite things
Is to run around the park
If I am unhappy
Then you might hear me bark


What is this type of animal?
In movies one was called Toto
One on TV was named Lassie
And in a cartoon there’s Pluto


Labradors, yorkies and poodles
Pitbulls, dalmatians and corgis
Greyhounds, Rottweilers and beagles
What type of animals are these?


What Am I?

I have four legs but I’m not a table
I have a tail but I’m not a cow
I like to run but I’m not a cheetah
I’m a common pet but I’m not a cat
I have a bark but I’m not a tree