Cupid Riddles

It’s coming up to February 14th, so here’s the first in a series of riddles for kids with a Valentine’s Day theme.

The first set of Valentine’s riddles that we have today all have Cupid as their answer.

The first five of these rhyme (with the word Cupid completing the rhyme of the fifth), while the final one is a What Am I? riddle.

To use the last one, your child should read the first line and guess what they think the answer is. If they don’t get it on their first go, they should read the second line and guess again. They should keep going until they either get the correct answer or run out of clues.

6 Cupid Riddles For Kids

Cupid Riddles For Kids

He’s a little angel
Who has a pair of wings
With his bow and arrow
True love is what he brings


Keep an eye out for this cherub
On the coming Valentine’s Day
If he shoots you with his arrow
Falling in love might come your way


On February fourteenth
You may see him flying around
He’s the Roman god of love
His archery skills will astound


He might see him flying around
As he’s an angelic baby
If you get hit by his arrow
Then will you fall in love? Maybe!


If you see this baby flying around
Don’t worry – you’re not being stupid
For if he’s shooting a bow and arrow
Then it means that you can see _ _ _ _ _


What Am I?

I have wings but I’m not a bird
I have a bow and arrow but I’m not Robin Hood
I’m a Roman god but I’m not Mars
I look like a baby but I don’t wear a diaper
I’m associated with love but I’m not a heart


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