Cross Riddles

Carrying on with our series of Easter riddles for kids, here are some where the answer is ‘Cross.’

The first four of these rhyme, plus there’s a one line riddle and finally a set of What Am I?? clues.

To use the last riddle, have your kids read the first line and guess what they think the answer is. If they don’t get it right, they should read the second clue and guess again.

Have them keep going until they either work out that the answer is cross or they run out of clues.

6 Cross Riddles For Kids

Cross Riddles For Kids

You would have seen three of these
On the Calvary hillside
One of which carried Jesus
On Good Friday when he died


It can look like a T
It can look like an X
They can be found on chains
Hung around people’s necks


If you encounter a vampire
Make sure you remember this rule
You can ward them off with garlic
As well as this Christian symbol


On Calvary
There were three, not six
It’s also known
As a crucifix


I look like the letter t and am a symbol of Christianity


What Am I?

I look like a letter of the alphabet but I’m not a hockey stick
I’m often found on a necklace but I’m not a heart
I sound like I’m in a bad mood but I’m not angry
I’m a symbol of Christianity but I’m not a fish
I ward off vampires but I’m not a garlic bulb