Africa Riddles

We’ve published lots of geography riddles over the last couple of months and that theme continues today with six where the answer is Africa.

These rhyming riddles therefore go well with all of our other riddles for kids about continents, while some of them can also work with our country and city themes.

You could even include them along with some other world awareness games if you’re planning any activities to help your children think about things on a global scale.

Africa Riddles For Kids

Africa Riddles For Kids

This is a large continent
But Asia it is not
Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Chad
This continent’s called what?


What’s the name of the continent
Which contains Nigeria
Libya, Rwanda, Cameroon
Mali and Namibia?


Nairobi, Cairo, Kinshasa
Accra, Freetown and Niamey
These are all capital cities
But on which continent are they?


If you look at a world map
What continent do you see
That contains Togo and Chad
Morocco and Malawi


Through the middle of this continent
Runs the line of the equator
It contains more than fifty countries
Including Benin and Kenya


What is the continent called
Which you can see on an atlas
That has Gabon, Senegal
And the island of Mauritius?

Europe Riddles

Our series of geography riddles continues today with four that all have Europe as the answer.

Depending on which one of these you choose to use with your kids, these rhyming riddles could also be used with some of our other themes like cities and countries.

They could all be used with our riddles about different continents as well.

4 Europe Riddles For Kids

Europe Riddles For Kids

This is the name of a continent
Which has fifty different countries
People living there might be British,
French, German, Polish or Maltese


If you like to travel round the world
And were to visit Italy
Spain, Portugal, Greece and Croatia
On which continent would you be?


When looking at this continent
Some capital cities you might see
Include Warsaw, Prague and Dublin
London, Paris, Rome and Helsinki


I’m a continent of the world
Russia is my largest country
I’m to the north of Africa
And also contain Germany

Asia Riddles

We’re continuing with our series of geography riddles for kids today with some where the answer is Asia.

These are therefore perfect for using with our other riddles about continents.

All three of these are rhyming riddles, with the word ‘Asia’ completing the rhyme of the second one.

3 Asia Riddles For Kids

Asia Riddles For Kids

This is a continent with great food
Working out which one should be a breeze
There’s Vietnamese and Indian
Japanese, Thai and of course Chinese


This is a geography riddle
But the answer shouldn’t faze ya
It contains China and Japan
It’s the continent called _ _ _ _


Africa, Europe and Australia
North and South America but not least
There is also the largest continent
Which on a map can be found in the east