Compass Riddles

Here are some riddles for kids that have an answer of ‘compass.’

All of these rhyme and are perfect for using with some of our other riddle themes like:

5 Compass Riddles For Kids

Compass Riddles For Kids

If you’re sailing on a pirate ship
To find your way you’ll need at least
This item that will help guide the way
By pointing north, south, west and east


You can navigate by the sun and stars
But there’s another way that’s the best
An item that uses magnetic fields
To point which way is north, south, east and west


If you’re lost in the middle of nowhere
Then firstly make sure your eyes are peeled
And hope your backpack contains this item
That guides using the Earth’s magnetic field


If you get lost somewhere
There’s no need to raise a rumpus
First of all, just stay calm
And pull out your trusty _ _ _ _ _ _ _


What Am I?

I have a magnet but I don’t stick to metal
I have a needle but I can’t sew
I sometimes have scales but I can’t weigh anything
I help you find your way but I’m not a map
I have N E W S on me but I’m not a TV


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