Christmas Tree Riddles

Here are many different Christmas tree riddles for kids – riddles where the answer is ‘Christmas tree.’

These are therefore great for using with many of our other riddle themes – ideas like:

Most of these are rhyming riddles, while the final one asks What Am I?

To use the What Am I riddle, read the first line to your kids and have them try to guess the correct answer.

If they guess incorrectly, read them the clue on the second line and have them guess again. Continue doing this until they either guess the correct answer or run out of clues.

7 Christmas Tree Riddles For Kids

Christmas Tree Riddles For Kids

You put a skirt around my bottom
Once I have been chopped
The other end, a star or angel
Is how I get topped


People go round and round me
Adding some lights on a string
And later underneath me
They place the gifts that they bring


Garland, lights and balls
They can all be seen
Once they are hung up
On this evergreen


All over this item
Some ornaments get hung
While in the background
Some carols might be sung


During the festive season
We always buy this festive plant
Can the wrapped up gifts beneath
Be opened early? No they can’t!


I have branches
And I’m green
In December
I am seen


What Am I?

I’m green but I’m not a leprechaun
I have lights but I’m not a car
I have a skirt but I’m not a girl
I have things hanging on me but I’m not a clothes hanger
I have branches but I’m not a bank
I have needles but no thread