Christmas Lights Riddles

Here are several riddles for kids that all have an answer of ‘Christmas Lights’.

These are therefore great for using with all our other Christmas and winter riddle themes.

Most of these are rhyming riddles, although the final one asks What Am I?

To use the What Am I riddle, read out the first line to your kids. If they don’t guess the correct answer, read them the clue from the second line and get them to guess again. Keep going until they either guess that the answer is Christmas lights or they run out of clues.

5 Christmas Lights Riddles For Kids

Christmas Lights Riddles For Kids

On a Christmas tree you have garland
And ornaments that look so fine
But you also need some strings of these
To help make sure that it will shine


You sometimes see them on a house
And often on a festive tree
They are often multicolored
And run on electricity


If you walk around the neighborhood
At any point in December
You’ll see houses lit up by these things
That are something to remember


If you’re bored in December
And want to see something good
Go check out displays of these
All around the neighborhood


What Am I?

I often have many colors but I’m not a rainbow
I’m on a string but I’m not a puppet
I’m often hung up but I’m not an item of clothing
I have bulbs but I’m not a flower
I can be found on a tree or on a house but I’m not a bird