Bible Character Riddles

Here are six rhyming riddles for kids where the answers are different Bible characters.

These are therefore perfect for using with our other riddles with a Bible theme.

If you like these, you may also want to check out all these Bible scavenger hunt ideas which can be perfect for using at church or with youth groups.

6 Bible Character Riddles For Kids

Bible Character Riddles For Kids


Instead of going to Nineveh
This person decided to bail
Thrown overboard while out to sea
He was swallowed up by a whale



When tasked with what seemed impossible
He didn’t just refuse and frown
He marched the people round Jericho
And the walls came tumbling down



He led Israelites out of Egypt
And went up Mount Sinai alone
He came back down with ten commandments
Written on two tablets of stone



He is someone who
Helped the blind to see
He is also part
Of the trinity



It’s amazing what this person did
With a pebble and a sling
He got rid of a giant
And eventually became king



This woman was created
So Adam wouldn’t be alone
And the way that God made her
Was by using Adam’s rib bone

Bible Riddles

Here are five riddles for kids where the answer is the Bible. These are therefore great for using with our other Bible-themedChristian and book riddles.

The first four of these are rhyming riddles, while the fifth asks your kids What Am I?

To use that final riddle, read the first line of it to your children and have them try guessing what they think the answer might be. As the clue is that it’s something split into two sections but which isn’t a game of soccer, they might guess that it’s a baseball inning, theater play or a Twix.

If they don’t guess that the Bible is the answer, read them the clue on the second line and ask them to guess again. Keep doing this until they either guess that the answer is the Bible or they run out of clues.

5 Bible Riddles For Kids

Bible Riddles For Kids

Adam and Eve in Eden
Moses parting the sea with ease
Jesus healing sick people
In which book can you find these?


This is something you might read
When you’re sitting in a pew
It contains two testaments
One that’s old and one that’s new


Genesis and Joshua
Ruth and Ecclesiastes
Mark, Romans and Ephesians
Where can you find all of these?


I am the world’s bestselling book
But 66 books are inside me
I am the book that you would read
To learn about Christianity


What Am I?

I’m split into two sections but I’m not a game of soccer
I can be read but I’m not a newspaper
I contain verses but I’m not a song
I contain books but I’m not a library
I’m found in a church but I’m not a pastor

Snake Riddles

We’re continuing with our series of riddles with an animal theme today with seven that all have ‘snake’ as their answer.

The first six of them rhyme, while the seventh is a What Am I? riddle. To use the last idea, read the first line to your children and have them guess the answer.

If they’re not right, read them the clue on the second line and have them guess again.

Keep doing this until they’ve worked out that snake is the answer or they run out of clues.

7 Snake Riddles For Kids

Snake Riddles For Kids

Some types slither on the ground
And some can live up in the trees
Adders, vipers and cobras
What kind of animals are these?


This is sometimes called a serpent
And its skin has a lot of scales
It can have a venomous bite
And some have rattles in their tails


In Harry Potter this animal
Represents the house of Slytherin
In The Jungle Book there’s one called Kaa
They have a forked tongue and shed their skin


This creature is without legs
And a tongue that has a fork
You might hear parseltongue
If you found one that could talk


In the first book of the Bible
This creature tempted Adam and Eve
To eat fruit that they shouldn’t have
So Eden is where they had to leave


This animal can be quite long
But it doesn’t have a great height
It can have deadly venom though
So beware because it can bite


What am I?

I have no legs but I’m not a broken chair
I have scales but I don’t weigh things
I sometimes have a rattle but I’m not a baby
I’m sometimes an adder but I don’t have a calculator
I scare many people but I’m not a spider
I was in the Garden of Eden but I’m not Adam or Eve

Cross Riddles

Carrying on with our series of Easter riddles for kids, here are some where the answer is ‘Cross.’

The first four of these rhyme, plus there’s a one line riddle and finally a set of What Am I?? clues.

To use the last riddle, have your kids read the first line and guess what they think the answer is. If they don’t get it right, they should read the second clue and guess again.

Have them keep going until they either work out that the answer is cross or they run out of clues.

6 Cross Riddles For Kids

Cross Riddles For Kids

You would have seen three of these
On the Calvary hillside
One of which carried Jesus
On Good Friday when he died


It can look like a T
It can look like an X
They can be found on chains
Hung around people’s necks


If you encounter a vampire
Make sure you remember this rule
You can ward them off with garlic
As well as this Christian symbol


On Calvary
There were three, not six
It’s also known
As a crucifix


I look like the letter t and am a symbol of Christianity


What Am I?

I look like a letter of the alphabet but I’m not a hockey stick
I’m often found on a necklace but I’m not a heart
I sound like I’m in a bad mood but I’m not angry
I’m a symbol of Christianity but I’m not a fish
I ward off vampires but I’m not a garlic bulb

Rainbow Riddles

Carrying on with our St Patrick’s Day theme, today’s set of riddles all have an answer of ‘rainbow.’

These ideas would fit in with many of our other themes though, like the Wizard Of Oz, Christian, weather and more.

The first five of these are rhyming riddles, while the last one asks your kids What Am I?

To use the final idea, get your children to read the first clue and guess what they think the answer is.

If they’re incorrect, have them read the second line and guess again. Keep going until they either answer correctly or they run out of clues.

6 Rainbow Riddles For Kids

Rainbow Riddles For Kids

Violet, indigo and blue
Red, yellow, orange and green
At the end of this object
A pot of gold can be seen


This natural phenomenon
Cannot be seen when it is dark
For it’s caused by light hitting rain
To create a colorful arc


You see me in the air
But I am not a kite
I am what’s created
When water refracts light


To reach the land of Oz
Go ‘somewhere over’ this
To where the bluebirds fly
And your home you will miss


You might see this in the sky
By a waterfall it’s lower
Some say that it was first seen
After a flood by Noah


What Am I?

I’m curved but I’m not a banana
I’m mentioned in the first book of the Bible but I’m not a snake
I’m colorful but I’m not a parrot
I’m mentioned in a Wizard Of Oz song but I’m not a Yellow Brick Road
I’m found near a leprechaun but I’m not a pot of gold