Chocolate Riddles

Our Valentine’s Day riddles theme continues today with some clues where the answer to each one is chocolate.

The first couple of these rhyme, with the third being a What Am I? riddle.

To use the What Am I? riddle, read your kids the first line and have them guess what they think the answer is. If they’re not correct, read them the second line and have them guess again.

Continue doing this until they either get the right answer or they run out of clues.

3 Chocolate Riddles For Kids

Chocolate Riddles For Kids

There’s white and milk and dark
These three types you might eat
As a type of candy
It really can’t be beat


It sometimes comes as a slab
And sometimes comes as a chip
And sometimes it is a bar
Or fondue in which to dip


What Am I?

I’m sometimes dark but I’m not a room with curtains
I sometimes contain peanut butter but I’m not a sandwich
I’m sometimes melted but I’m not an ice cube
I’m sometimes in cookies but I’m not a raisin
I’m sometimes a bar but I’m not made of metal
I’m sometimes a chip but I’m not made of potato