Candy Cane Riddles

Here are several riddles for kids where the answer is candy cane.

These are therefore great for using with many of our other riddle themes:

Most of these are rhyming riddles, although the final one is a What Am I? riddle.

For that one, read the first line to your children and have them guess what they think the item is. If they’re incorrect, read the second line and get them to guess again. Keep going until they work out the answer or run out of clues.

5 Candy Cane Riddles For Kids

Candy Cane Riddles For Kids

I’m made of two colors
And I look just like a hook
You’ll give me a lick
But I’m not something you cook


You might look just like a shepherd
If you hold a big one of me
The stripy colors make it look
As though Canada’s my country


I’m usually seen at Christmas
But I’m not a stocking or a bell
I am red and white in color
And shaped a bit like the letter L


With red and white stripes
It’s something you lick
Despite it looking
Like a hockey stick


What Am I?

I have stripes but I’m not a zebra
I look like a hook but have nothing to do with Peter Pan
I’m normally red and white but I’m not the Canadian flag
I can be eaten but I’m not a strawberry jelly sandwich
I’m minty but I’m the opposite of toothpaste