Bicycle Riddles

Our series of transport riddles for kids is continuing today with six where the answer is a bicycle.

The first five of these are rhyming riddles, with the sixth asking your kids What Am I?

To use that final riddle, read the first line of it to your children and have them take a guess at the answer. As the clue is that it has a chain but it isn’t a prisoner, they might guess that it’s a lock on a front door or a necklace.

If they don’t guess that a bicycle is the answer after the first clue, read them the clue on the second line and have them guess again. Keep doing this until they either guess correctly or they run out of clues.

6 Bicycle Riddles For Kids

Bicycle Riddles For Kids

I am a type of transport
Although I am not a car
I only have two wheels
Pedals and a handlebar


This has a saddle and a chain
And two pedals either side
Its two wheels have many spokes
It’s something on which you ride


This is a certain mode of transport
Which usually only carries you
However if you have a tandem
That one is able to carry two


This transport has two wheels
But there is no engine
Your feet must turn the pedals
To make the wheels spin


This thing normally has two wheels
And a saddle on which you sit
Although it might have training wheels
When you are learning to ride it


What Am I?

I have a chain but I’m not a prisoner
I have a frame but I’m not a photo
I have wheels but I’m not a car
I have a saddle but I’m not a horse
I have pedals but I’m not a piano