Bear Riddles

Our series of animal riddles continues today with a collection that all have ‘bear’ as the answer.

These therefore also go well with many of our other themes such as books, nature and camping.

The first four of these riddles for kids rhyme, while the fifth asks them What Am I?

To use the last riddle, read the first line to your children and ask them to guess what they think the answer is. As it asks about an animal in The Muppets that’s not a pig, there’s a good chance they’ll say ‘frog’ rather than ‘bear’.

If they give an incorrect answer, read them the second clue and ask them to guess again. Keep doing this until they either give bear as the answer or they run out of clues.

5 Bear Riddles For Kids

Bear Riddles For Kids

I am a type of mammal
Whose height and strength are very great
I have big paws and thick fur
And in dark caves I hibernate


What is this type of animal?
A cartoon had one called Yogi
Then there’s the well-known Paddington
And in The Muppets there’s Fozzie


If you see one when you’re camping
It might give you a big fright
They can be black, brown or grizzly
And pandas are black and white


What is this type of animal?
The Jungle Book had Baloo
Smokey warns you about fires
There’s also Winnie-The-Pooh


What Am I?

I’m one of the animals in The Muppets but I’m not a pig
I have large paws but I’m not a lion
I have fur but I’m not a cat
I sometimes live in caves but I’m not a bat
I hibernate but I’m not a squirrel