Bathtub Riddles

We’re starting a new series today focusing on household items, with the first few sets of riddles being based on things that you might find in the bathroom.

These are therefore perfect for using as part of a rainy day activity with your kids, perhaps as an around-the-house scavenger hunt.

We’re kicking off the series with a collection of riddles for kids that all have ‘bathtub’ as their answer. The first three of these rhyme, while the fourth asks What Am I?

To use the What Am I? riddle with your children, read them the first line and ask them to guess what they think it is that you’re describing.

If they guess incorrectly, give them the second clue and ask them to guess again. Keep doing this until they work out that ‘bathtub’ is the answer, or until they run out of clues.

4 Bathtub Riddles For Kids

Bathtub Riddles For Kids

This thing is found in a room
Where faucets can be seen
Fill with water and get in
It helps you to get clean


When you get really dirty
You should get in one of these
Lay down or take a shower
It makes getting clean a breeze


Sometimes when you get in this
You might choose to sing a song
You can get wrinkly fingers
If you stay in this too long


What Am I?

I’m usually white but I’m not snow
I’m sometimes covered in enamel but I’m not a tooth
I sometimes have a clawfoot but I’m not an eagle
I get filled with water but I’m not a sink
I have a plug but I don’t use electricity
I’m found in the bathroom but I’m not a toothbrush