Balloon Riddles

We’re blowing things up today with a set of riddles that all have ‘balloon’ as their answer.

These are therefore great for using with our other riddles for kids which have a game or toy theme.

The first four of these rhyme, while the fifth is a What Am I? riddle. Here’s how to use that final option:

Read the first line of it to your kids (or have them read it themselves) and have them guess what they think is being described.

If they’re not correct, read them the second line and have them guess again. Keep going until they guess correctly or run out of clues.

If you’re using any of these riddles as an activity for your children, check out Youth Workin’ It for all kinds of ideas for balloon games.

5 Balloon Riddles For Kids

Balloon Riddles For Kids

I come in many colors
And I’m seen on your birthday
You’d better hold me tightly
Or else I will float away


I am something that gets blown up
But I’m not dynamite
When I am filled with helium
I float because I’m light


Blow this thing up nice and big
But do not let it pop
When it’s filled with helium
It floats up to the top


I’m something that gets inflated
But I am not a tire
And when I’m filled with helium
Let go and I float higher


What Am I?

I get blown up but I’m not a stick of dynamite
I sometimes have a string attached but I’m not a kite
I sometimes float but I’m not a swimmer
I’m seen at birthday parties but I’m not a candle