Australia Riddles

Our new series of country riddles continues today with four where the answer is Australia.

These riddles for kids are therefore ideal for using with our other geography riddles as well.

The first three of them are rhyming riddles while the fourth asks your children What Am I?

With that final idea, read the first line to your kids and ask them to guess the answer. Knowing that they have to guess a country will help them narrow things down, but it’s unlikely that they’ll guess that the answer is Australia.

If they don’t guess correctly, read them the clue on the second line and ask them to guess again. If they don’t guess correctly on this turn, read them the third clue. Keep doing this until they guess correctly or they run out of clues.

5 Australia Riddles For Kids

Australia Riddles For Kids

What country has great animals
Like a large bird called an emu
A cute and cuddly koala
Or a big hopping kangaroo


This country’s capital is Canberra
You might go to Bondi Beach to surf
Go diving at the Great Barrier Reef
And explore Melbourne, Sydney or Perth


If you go to the southern hemisphere
Then you should visit this very large country
Where you might see people throwing boomerangs
And koalas eat the eucalyptus tree


What Am I?

I’m a country but I’m not Russia
I’m in the southern hemisphere but I’m not Argentina
I’m popular with surfers but I’m not South Africa
I’m surrounded by water but I’m not Madagascar
I’m sometimes called Oz but I don’t have anything to do with wizards