Heart Riddles

For the last few weeks, we’ve been publishing a series of Valentine’s Day riddles that you can use for fun activities with your kids.

We’re continuing that series today with several different riddles where the answer is ‘heart’.

These are therefore also good for using if planning games or activities with a human body or anatomy theme.

The first four of these are rhyming riddles, with the fourth using the word ‘heart’ to complete the rhyme.

The final one is a What Am I? riddle. To use that one, your child should read the first line and take a guess as to what they think the answer is.

If they’re not correct, they should read the second line and guess again. Keep going until they either get the right answer or run out of clues.

5 Heart Riddles For Kids

Heart Riddles For Kids

This part of your body
Helps keep your blood flowing
It’s used as a symbol
To say you love something


Balloons and cards and bears
Use this red shape to say
That I love you so much
Every Valentine’s Day


It’s not in your tummy
But it’s somewhere above
It is often thought of
As a symbol of love


You need to use your brain
If you want to be smart
If you want your blood pumped
You need to use your _ _ _ _ _


What Am I?

I’m red but I’m not a strawberry
I’m a shape but I’m not a square
I’m part of your body but I’m not your mouth
I’m a suit in a deck of cards but I’m not a spade
I’m used to say ‘I love you’ but I’m not a diamond

Wooden Leg Riddles

Here are a couple of riddles for kids where the answer is ‘Wooden Leg’.

These rhyming riddles are therefore great for using with some of our riddle themes – themes like:

The first of these riddles is a little harder than many of our other ideas, so it might therefore be best for using with older kids, unless you explain to younger children what a tibia is.

Wooden Leg Riddles For Kids

Wooden Leg Riddles For Kids

A pirate who’s lost a tibia
Might replace it with this thing
That will help him to still walk around
Instead of just hopping


If you lose part of a limb
From just below the knee
You could replace it with
Something made from a tree

Skeleton Riddles

Here are a number of different skeleton riddles for kids.

These could be used as part of some Halloween party games and activities or when looking for fun ways to learn about anatomy and the human body.

These skeleton rhyming riddles could also be used with all our other Halloween riddles.

We’ve also given some ideas for skeleton-themed decorations, prizes and costumes below if you’re planning a scary party.

Skeleton Riddles For Kids

Skeleton Riddles For Kids

This body has no ears or tongue
So he’s not able to use phones
Tickling doesn’t work on him
Because he’s only made of bones


To see what a ribcage looks like
This body can help clue you in
As all you can see are its bones
It doesn’t have muscle or skin


You can see my humerus
But it doesn’t mean I’m funny
I’ve got no skin so I don’t get tanned
When outside it’s hot and sunny

Skeleton Goodies

As mentioned above, here are some ideas for prizes, costumes, decorations and more: