Advent Calendar Riddles

When the weather’s bad outside during the winter and you need to keep your kids entertained, why not give them some of our riddles to solve.

We have lots of riddles with a Christmas theme, with today’s set having ‘Advent Calendar’ as their answer.

The first couple of these are rhyming riddles, while the final one is a What Am I? riddle.

To use that one, read the first line to your children (or have them read it) and get them to guess what they think the answer is.

If they’re not correct, read the second line and guess again. Keep going until they either work out the correct answer or they run out of clues.

3 Advent Calendar Riddles For Kids

Advent Calendar Riddles For Kids

Open this everyday
For something that can’t be beat
Behind each of the doors
You will find a tasty treat


This is a candy filled treat
That can be found in stores
In the run-up to Christmas
And has twenty-four doors


What Am I?

I have numbers on me but I’m not a phone
I have several doors but I’m not a car
I’m on display in December but I’m not a nativity scene
I’m not seen after Christmas Day but I’m not a cookie for Santa
I often contain chocolate but I’m not an Easter egg